Our Internal Tidal Wave: The movement of the Cerebrospinal Fluid.

Osteopathy has informed us on the movement of the CerebroSpinal Fluid (CSF) for decades as one of the primary mechanisms related to homeostasis in the human body. Very successful treatments with deep healing results have been accomplished systematically. However, they have been doubted and even scorned by mainstream medicine as non-scientific false theories. Not for long… A study published in Science magazine proves through imaging the movement of CSF. A road to greater understanding is opening up.

Fasciatherapy, which I have been studying and practicing for the past 10 years, recognises another, slower movement permeating all tissue matter and aligning it into one harmonious whole. A movement that proves time and again during practice to be a bridge between the physical, energetic and the psychological realm.

Fasciatherapy was put forth by the talented French Osteopath Danis Bois in the 1980s and quickly spread throughout Europe and the American continent. It now forms part of the growing body of therapeutic techniques related to the study of the fascial system of the body (connective tissue). The matrix that holds all other body systems together and mediates their functions. So much to be gained by looking into the so called “alternative” treatment modalities. It’s a good moment when science is catching up with empirical knowledge!