Human Tuning

Life is movement. Just like Music, it is the synthesis of organized actions produced by vibrating bodies. Life and Music exist as potentialities. The tuned instrument is the condition that allows the music to manifest itself. To incarnate. The human being is an instrument. Unless this instrument is well tuned, it will produce cacophony and chaos.

A state of health, creativity and balance is the expression of a well-tuned human being. A state where there is coherence between all realms of a person’s existence. The physical, the energetic and the psychological. Healing is the art of tuning the human being. Bringing it back to coherence. Then, life is expressed in its full vibrancy. It becomes harmonious music.

Somatic Psychoeducation

Somatic Psychoeducation, also known as Perceptual Psychoeducation is a therapeutic and educational method that aims to prevent and deal with physical pain and psychological distress and to nurture the balance and creativity of the individual. It has its roots in Osteopathy and Psychopedagogy. Its theoretical and practical structure is the result of Dr. Danis Bois and a group of practitioners and researchers from the fields of medicine, science, education and the arts.

Through cultivating somatic awareness, the goal of the method is to broaden the individual’s perception, thus transforming his relationship with pain, stress, physical and mental tensions. In order to achieve  the harmonization between the physical and psychological plein of the individual, it uses 4 modes of action:

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Somatic Psychoeducation

Foundation Training

“While foundation training is probably one of the single best ways to build primal and foundational strength, heal physical imbalances, transform pain (it helped me end 2 years of chronic pain), and improve sports performance (which some of the greatest minds in health and science have attested to), I’m struck by its power as a modern subtle energy tonic. In yogic science we say that Prana (life force) moves through empty spaces. FT creates space in your body like nothing I’ve seen. I began practicing Tai chi, Japanese karate, and yoga in 1994. I lived and trained at the US Olympic training center in the late 80s. And simply nothing compares for me. It’s strengthens the body in exactly the right places and empowers prana so well. When we have more space in our body, we have more space in our thoughts. Space through posture yields presence and prana. With proper position we tune into true power. Thank you Dr. Eric Goodman for the generosity of your genius.”

Dr. Matt Lyon

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Panos Lampropouloos

Panos Lampropouloos

Studying human nature became my compass ever since my first conscious encounter with myself at the age of 20 yrs old. The recognition of the simultaneous proximity but also great distance to my inner reality created the need to explore this uncharted territory. I studied psychology and music to satisfy both my need for intellectual understanding and my skill in direct somatic, sensorial perception.

Somatic-psychoeducation is what allowed me to bridge these different aspects in a coherent whole, restoring unity between body and mind, thinking and feeling, action and attention. Since then, it has formed the basis of my practice which is constantly being enriched by modalities that contribute to the understanding of human potential.

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